Test of the best solutions to protect workstations in micro and small companies

In November 2019, the CheckLab.pl organization prepared a list of popular solutions to protect computers in micro and small enterprises. Among the tested solutions, there are 13 specialized top-notch products, and also one solution for big business — Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. The Microsoft’s product known as Windows Defender was also qualified for the test as an integral part of the Windows 10 system.

Comparison of free security product to protect personal computers

In October 2019, the CheckLab.pl organization prepared a summary of popular free applications to protect personal computers. So what is the best free antivirus? It is difficult to answer this question because a variety of free solutions makes the decision is not so obvious, additionally only big developers can offer relatively good protection. It is important to remember that free antivirus do not protect against all types of attacks.