Differences in software for PC protection in CheckLab.pl tests (January 2020)

In January 2020 the CheckLab.pl organization prepared a list of popular solutions to protect home computers and work stations of micro, medium, and large enterprises. Among the tested solutions there are 8 specialized top-class products for end customers, and also 2 solutions for companies — Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection and Webroot Business Endpoint Protection.

In the January comparison, the CheckLab employees would like to draw the attention to:

Test of the best solutions to protect workstations in micro and small companies

In November 2019, the CheckLab.pl organization prepared a list of popular solutions to protect computers in micro and small enterprises. Among the tested solutions, there are 13 specialized top-notch products, and also one solution for big business — Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. The Microsoft’s product known as Windows Defender was also qualified for the test as an integral part of the Windows 10 system.

How we test antivirus? The making of CheckLab, a website dedicated to security tests

Why did we appoint a new organization with the CheckLab.pl/en website?

A mysterious CheckLab logo occupies prominent place in the https://AVLab.pl footer for a long time. It is not without reason, because it is a graphical announcement of a professional services of security tests. This dedicated website is entirely devoted to one area exclusively that is precisely oriented towards technical aspects of testing solutions for protecting workstations and personal computers.