What is the certificate?

The CheckLab’s certificate issued since 2019 confirms suitability of tested solution in protection against malicious software and cyberattacks.


Why is it worth having the certificate?

  • Join the developers certificated by the independent organization.
  • Use the certificate for marketing purposes, e.g. place it on your website, promote your company in a magazine, allow potential customers to see that you own a reputable solution.
  • Safely test out your solution in a controlled environment.
  • Receive feedback and improve the effectiveness of security product.


Does the certificate cost anything?

The certificate is granted free of charge. The only fee you have to pay is for carrying out tests.

A fee for tests is not strictly equivalent to granting the certificate. A very small fee treated by both parties as a compensation for work and improvement of users safety. Without a financial help, it would not be possible to maintain the infrastructure, continuously improve procedures and necessary tools that are needed for carrying out tests.


How to get the certificate?

All you need to do is send us the so-called indicators that will help to establish the reaction of tested solution to malicious software or cyberattacks. We will do the rest.

view example indicators